AVI Video File Repair on Mac OS X

AVI is a multimedia video file format designed by Microsoft Corporation. This file format acts as a file container which contain information about audio and video codecs .This file format easily supports and play on multiple media player depends on codecs and produces good quality of audio and video. This video file format has compatible with all almost version of Mac operating system including Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, and so on.

Sometimes, while you play AVI file on Mac OS X an problem occurs such as play a video file with no sound, out of sync, etc.  At this time, you may get tensed and start worrying about how to repair AVI on Mac OS X. But this time don’t get panic and make use of Video Repair Software to repair AVI video file on Mac. This software has got effective algorithm process which is capable to repair corrupted AVI video file on Mac OS X.

Common reasons behind the corruption of AVI file on Mac OS X:

  • File System Corruption: File System is the most valuable part of the computer which contain valuable information about media files and arrange the files in sequential and effective manner. If the file system get corrupted which leads to corruption of files.
  • Interruption during Download: When you download a video file from internet an interruption occurs due to network inaccessibility, as an result of this incomplete download of video file which cannot play on media player.
  • File Format Conversion: Sometimes, your video file cannot support on media player then you convert the video file format by using unreliable third party software which leads to corruption of video file and more chance of damaged codecs of file.
  • Unverified Media Player: Sometimes, when you play AVI file on media player a problem occurs such as play video file with no sound, sync problem, etc. As a result of this a file does not support on media player and more chance of corruption of file.

Video Repair Tool is recommended tool specially designed to fix AVI on Mac under above mentioned scenarios. This tool has simple user interface and is capable to fix corrupted AVI files on Mac and anyone can easily use this to fix corrupt AVI file on Windows and Mac operating system.

Highlighted Features of Video Repair Tool:

Video Repair tool is the suggested tool designed by highly technicians to repair damaged AVI video files. It has the ability to fix video file with different format like MPG, MOV,MP4, etc. with utmost ease. This program repair AVI on Mac from damaged, corrupted, crashed and formatted hard drives, pen drives, memory cards, flash memory drives, memory stick, etc. It has provides a better option to preview the repaired AVI file before save to a desired location. This software has capability to repair corrupted, damaged and formatted AVI video file with proper codecs on Mac OS X.

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