Best Utility to Restore Data from Reformatted Drive

Hard disk drive is the vital component of computer system that holds all the information related to your official work or personal things. The storage space of the system hard drive ranges from 40GB to several Tera Bytes and it stores all the data on platters which is made up of magnetic material. Hard drive can be divided into several logical partitions to organize the data efficiently. While dealing with process of dividing the hard drive partitions or volumes you must be very careful or else you may face the problem of huge amount of data loss.

Reformatting the hard drive can also be the main cause for the losing the data from the drive. To elaborate the above scenario let us consider one of the situation like you attempt to convert the file system from FAT file system to NTFS file system in order to make the fast access of NTFS file system. You completed this process and tried to open those files but you remained awful to see that those files have become inaccessible. This is because of the malware infection which has infected all you files on the system hard drive during the process of reformatting and made all the files inaccessible. As a result you have lost important files while reformatting the hard drive. If you are one who faced this problem then don’t be panic as you can recover all those lost files from the system drive by using best recovery software that supports effectively to recover reformatted drive and get back lost data. Some of the other scenario for data loss from the system drive is mentioned below.

Common Scenario for data loss from the system hard drive

  • Header corruption: Header contains the information of data table, allocation block size, file allocation table, information about the blocks, etc. If this header gets corrupted due to some reasons then it leads to hard drive corruption which results in inaccessibility of files stored on the hard drive.
  • Re-installation: During the process of re-installation if you select “Custom” option accidentally then the operating system will be installed but it erases all the settings, files and programs. Hence it formats the whole partition and installs the new operating system resulting in data loss.
  • Hard drive crash: Generally hard drive crashes due to the power failure or abrupt removal of the hard drive while it is functioning. This will result in loss of data from the external storage device due to files system corruption that keeps all the information about the located files.

In order to restore all deleted data which is caused by various reasons you should keep the back up of all the saved data. You can also restore deleted data by using the recovering software. This utility has advanced built algorithm that scans each and every sector of the hard drive in searching for the recoverable data. It also supports effectively for hard drive recovery of different types of drives like SATA, IDE, ATA, SAS, etc and also recover data from formatted USB drive is possible using this software. Some of the other features of this utility are mentioned below.

Salient features of this software

  • This software supports effectively for the recovery of flash memory cards like SDHC, MMC, XD, SD, CF card, Memory sticks and other external storage devices
  • After completing the scanning process it also provides you the preview option and you can save the recovery session for future purpose.
  • This utility recovers data from hard drives of different brands like Samsung, Maxtor, OCZ technology, Seagate, Western digital, etc.
  • This software can recover files from formatted drive Mac partitions by some specifications like file size, date of creation, file name, extension, etc.

Hence this is the best recovery software that supports effectively in retrieving all your lost or deleted data. You can download free demo version of this toolkit and evaluate recovery results. If you are satisfied by the demo version you can purchase its licensed version to recover data permanently.

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