Data Recovery from Hard drive

Hard drive is a device used for storing and retrieving information. So every computer user knows the importance of HDD. You can’t store your data without the hard drive. There are so many types of HDD available in the market such as-SATA/SCSI/IDE/SASI/SAS/ATA etc. They can differentiate from their pin configuration. We divide hard drive in some sections, for storing our data in proper manner. These sections are known as logical sections or logical drive. There is one term called “Format”, which we use to keep our drive healthy. When you format a disk, the operating system erases all the information from the disk and cause data loss.

Sometime accidentally  you delete the partition or your partition is get corrupted or you can’t access  it or unable you are to see the partition, then it means your data is deleted or lost .And you realized that you forgot to keep a backup of that partition. And that partition contains your important data; you don’t know what to do after this. You want your data back at any cost. Don’t worry you can easily retrieve your data back by using hard drive data recovery tool. It recovers file without any modification.

HDD is having some File systems, which used to maintain the physical locations of the computer files.  There are different types of file system.

Examples:-FAT (FAT12/FAT16/FAT32/ ex FAT) (for Windows and Mac), NTFS / NTFS5 (only for Windows), HFS /HFS+ (only for Mac). So we can format our hard drive for upgrading a file system. In addition to this there are so more reasons for formatting like.

  • In case your system doesn’t start or comes with a black screen. It means your drive is corrupted or due to some changes in its configuration it doesn’t start. In such situation the computer won’t boot because the operating system cannot be loaded. So we left with only two solutions either to format hard drive or format our system.
  • Viruses and errors corrupt the data and make it difficult for the user to open the files. In such condition your system speed becomes slow and formatting becomes must.
  • Upgrading a file system is also a reason to format.

Due to the above reasons you need to format your drive, which in turn leads to the data loss. In case you want to convert the existing file system like from FAT to NTFS and you format your partition, without thinking that after formatting you’ll lose your data. Like this there are so many scenarios which cause data loss from your PC or Laptop.

Note that formatting a disk does not actually erase the data; it just removes the pointer of your files and folders. So do not panic, if you accidentally format your partition. Without thinking much use hard drive data recovery software, it is the best way to sort out this problem; moreover you can recover lost files from Lenovo laptop hard disk drive by using this software. It can retrieve each file and folder as it is in its original form. You can recover your hard drive within a minute just you need to follow few steps.

  • Download and install “Hard Drive Data Recovery Tool “and click “RUN”.
  • Now select “Recover Partitions/Drives”.
  •  Now click on Formatted/Reformatted Recovery.
  • The software will scan your HDD and display the partitions which you created.
  • After scanning, a window will come select the logical drive from which you want to recover your data.
  •  After selecting the drive click next, scanning process for the selected drive will starts and shows the data recovered.
  • Now, Select the data and save the recovery session. If you satisfied with the software you can buy it online. Later you can activate the software and load the saved recovery session to restore your partition.

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