Easiest way to recover files from repartitioned HDD

Ever encountered a situation where you accidentally formatted your desktop hard drive and lost all your crucial documents? And still hunting for a way to recover data from repartition hard drive? Then no need to search more, in this blog you will get optimum solution for your problem.

Disk management tool allows users to split a hard disk drive into numerous partitions. These multiple sections are called as logical drives. In this logical drive, users can store files in an appropriate manner. That’s why every computer user prefers to divide hard drive into sections. The files which you stored on your system are valuable. But sometimes miss fortune happens and you lost your vital files stored in these logical sections.

The most common reason due to which you may suffer partition lost problem is repartitioning. When the user performs the repartitioning by using third-party application and the process gets interrupted due to sudden system termination. Results in an incomplete repartitioning process and this, in turn, leads to inaccessibility of partition data. To recover files from repartitioned desktop HDD, you need to use lost partition recovery application. This tool helps you to extracts and restores the files from selected partitions.

In addition to this, there are some more unavoidable situations, because of which you may have to face partition lost issue. From them re-installing operating system on the computer or trying to make dual boot is another reason which leads to the formatting of hard drive partitions and causes huge data loss. At this instance, if you have a proper backup of important files and folders then it is good. But if you don’t have any backup then you have to use the lost partition recovery tool to rescue files from formatted drive. This utility uses special scanning algorithms to perform safe recovery of lost/formatted/inaccessible partition.

The partitions can also get lost if there is any virus attack on the system hard disk. Sever viruses will damage the partition table and makes the partition data inaccessible. To overcome this critical situation make use of lost partition recovery tool. This program recovers lost data without bothering about the reason for data loss. Using lost partition recovery program you will be able to restore files from lost, corrupted, deleted and formatted partition.

Lost partition recovery program supports a recovery of 300 plus file types. The trial version of the application is also there, Trial version had a preview option and by, this you can judge the probability of recovery. Once you are satisfied with the outcome of the trial version, you can download licensed version of this tool.  The best thing about the program is that it recovers files without modifying its original content.

It supports the recovery of data from all types of hard drive interfaces such as SATA, IDE, SAS and etc. With this powerful utility, you can recover data from high capacity hard disk drives also. This tool made recovery very easy and simple task. It allows users to recovers data from all other storage devices such as iPods, portable cards, removable hard drives etc. It even empowers users to create a disk image of HDD and bypasses bad sectors on hard drive.

To use this tool download and install lost partition recovery to your computer. Launch the software and start the recovery process. Select partition recovery option to recover lost hard drive partition. As you click on this option the scans all the physical and logical drives of the system and display all the files. Choose the physical drive and click on next button. Select the lost partition from where data is to be retrieved back. This application repeats the scanning procedure and displays all the data from the missing partition. Select the files which are to be recovered. Preview the files before saving them. Choose the location to save your recovered files or to an optical storage device such as CDs or DVDs.

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