Easy way to fix corrupted PST file

Suppose you working on Outlook at that time suddenly your child come and shut down your laptop. Again you trying to restart your system and try to access your Outlook but you come to know that you are unable to access your emails. This means that your Outlook gets corrupted due to abruptly shutting down of your Outlook files. Because of this incident, you may lose all stored data from PST file. Now might be you have one question that what is the PST file? PST file is nothing but Personal Storage File. In this file, all your Outlook data get stores like emails, contact list, calendar items, journals, personal details etc. But in such kind of situation what will you do? Of course, this incident will make you unhappy. But it is suggested don’t be nervous because you can get all your lost outlook data. But there is the only one way is for recover lost Outlook data, you have to use the Outlook Recovery Software. This software helps you to recover all lost Outlook data which is lost due to Computer shut down.

There are some more scenarios, due to which you may lose your stored data from your PST file some of those reasons are like,

Outlook conversion: In this, some people want to upgrade their Outlook version i.e. Outlook comes in different versions like 2000,2003,2007,2010, 2013, 2016 etc. So people try to convert their old version to new version so in such time they may lose their PST files.

Oversize of PST file: Basically all Outlook versions are differentiated with their storage capacity. Like Outlook 2000 stores only 2 GB data, Outlook 2003&2007 stores 20GB daa, and Outlook 2010stores only50GB data. So if Outlook exceeds this storage capacity then there are chances of PST file corruption

 PST file corruption: Your PST file get corrupt due to many reasons like, abruptly shutdown of your system, if your system get affected ba y virus, or  due to fluctuation in power supply system get abruptly turn off these are reasons for file corruption.

Use of same PST file ovethe r network: IN organization many people use same PST file ia n network. In such kind of situati,on there are the strong chances of damage of your PST file and stored data from this file.

To avoid this entire situation you can take some precautions and you can keep safe your outlook PST file,

  • Always use good quality of power supply.
  • Don’t use same PST file ithe n organization ovethe r network.
  • Don’t store maximum data in PST file than its max storage limit.
  • Always try to keea p backup of your data froa m system.

In-spite of taking care of all these above mentioned precautionary measures still you are facing the same data loss from Outlook PST file then you recover this you can use Outlook recovery tool to recover lost data. This software helps to recover Outlook folders from Outlook 2000,2003,2007,2010. This software first helps to repair your corrupted PST file and then it helps to save your lost and corrupted PST file. This software stores all corrupted mails, notes, journals, personal folder etc. You can downloaa d free demo version of this Outlook PST fix tool and you can view recovery results.

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