Effective Utility to Retrieve Data from Bad Hard Disk

As we all know hard drive is an integral part of computer. And people use to store their important documents, photos, audio and video files in computer hard drive itself, along with that hard drive also contains operating system and other application files. The existences of other portable storage devices that are predominantly kept as a backup option are not going to take away the role played by hard drive. Undoubtedly hard drive is the default preferred location for most users to store their files. But there are instances where your computer hard drive might fail.

Normally hard drives make unusual sounds before failing like clicking or scratch noises, this is a warning signal actually, these intimations are stating that your hard drive is in bad state and it may stop in due course of time. A bad hard drive doesn’t allow you to access the computer; the booting of the operating system itself fails. These kinds of situations can occur any time, and it’s hard to predict the exact reason for the failure, but it will certainly result loss of huge amount of data. Obviously the person who is encountering such a pathetic situation wants to recover data lost from failed hard drive. And he/she will be looking for the best software to recover data from bad hard drive. Prior to learning bad hard drive recovery let’s find out the symptoms that stops your hard drive from working

Symptoms that intimate your hard drive is about to fail:

  • Very slow access speed: At times you will come to notice a huge difference in the speed at which computer operates. It may take several minutes to perform a single task. Boot time will increase considerably which is very irritating.
  • Freezing: Most often your computer screen will freeze while trying to perform operations; it may also show unusual error messages frequently.
  • System hang: After switching on your system, it does nothing but stays idle, not allowing you to perform any tasks.  In some cases it will shut down automatically after a while.

What can be done if your computer hard drive goes bad?

A hard drive turns bad due to various reasons that include exposing hard drive to heat, subsequent power surges while using the system, hard ware issues, hard drive corruption, bad drivers, read/write head crash and so on. There many such unpredictable reasons leading to hard drive failure. In case your computer is showing symptoms as mentioned above, then try to take back up as soon as possible before allowing the hard drive to fail, thereby you can save a major data loss situation. But if you fail to do so, and your hard drive fails, there is nothing to panic. Irrespective of the reasons pertaining to failure of hard drive you can easily recover data from bad hard drive by making use of professional bad hard drive recovery tool like NTFS Recovery Software.

NTFS Recovery Software is one of the finest software to recover data from bad hard drive with precision.  It uses highly advanced and efficient scanning mechanism to scan the entire hard drive for files and folders that became inaccessible. By utilizing this software you can retrieve photos, documents, compressed documents, audio and video files of various file formats efficiently. This application helps to recover unbootable hard drive with ease. The efficiency of the software to recover data from bad hard drive makes it a preferred choice by the industry experts.

Major features of NTFS Recovery Software:

  • The very efficient and well designed user interface cuts out the work of user, it contributes to the faster recovery of data from bad hard drive.
  • The software to recover data from bad hard drive supports various file system like NTFS, FAT, FAT16, FAT32, HFS, etc.
  • Save recovery session option is really an advantage to the user, it helps to save considerable amount of time, as the user doesn’t need to start the scanning process from the scratch in order restore files from bad hard drive.
  • The trial version of NTFS Recovery Software can be used to test the overall performance of the tool in recovering data from bad hard drive.

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