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Videos are very important in every one’s life because it has captured in special occasion like marriage party, birthday, vacation trip, anniversary etc. Therefore, at some instance those MOV or MP4 file format will not play due to any corruption issues, at such situation user get frustrate, because it is very difficult to avoid. At this moment user looks helpless, as they do not have any idea how to mend such damaged files. In addition, many users think once file get damage is no more useful.

If anyone is facing such type of problem then do not delete the file because those files are easily repaired with third party applications, which are easily available in online. Nevertheless, make sure numerous tools are un trusted as they can even corrupt the complete data while repairing it. As per experts advice the most trusted utility is fix corrupted video files mac on Macintosh machines.

Video files may get corrupt due to several reasons such as journal corruption, improper system shut down, abrupt removing of data cable and converting file extension. The listed reasons are explained below:

  • Journal corruption: Journal keeps all the vital information on Mac computers. If journal gets corrupt it makes a volume un mountable and result in data inaccessibility. Usually journal gets damage because of power fluctuation. At the instance user prefers to use inbuilt utility to repair it, but at some point such tool cannot work as it should work and sometimes it may lead to severely damage the data, finally results in loss of valuable files.
  • Improper system shut down: While doing some modifications to the videos in case if unexpected power goes off in the middle of work and system terminates abruptly then there are many chance of that particular video corruption.
  • Abrupt termination of data cable: This is one of the most common problem, many user by mistake remove the data cable from the system while transferring of video is going on from camera to system or vice versa.
  • The video file may get corrupt due to any interruption while transferring process is going on such as abrupt system shut down, power failure, pulling out the plug from switchboard etc. These are some reasons related to transformation process.

Some safety measures you have to follow to avoid video corruption:

  • You should have to maintain significant videos back up in other storage devices like memory stick, external hard drive, other memory card, thumb drive etc. to get it easily from such storage memory in case of corruption.
  • Do not capture the videos when your camera is signaling low battery because it may corrupt other videos contained on it.
  • Try to maintain UPS for the system to avoid video corruption issues, because it provides quite time to save it, in case of sudden power failure.
  • You must not remove the memory card without switching off camera.

By making use of this tool, you can fix corrupted file like MOV or MP4 within short span of time. It has designed by profession experts wit built in algorithm to scan whole volume or specific signature file which is corrupted and afterward it repairs. This software not only repairs MOV or MP4 but it also fixes XVID, Div X files too.

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