How to Recover Data from My SD Card on Windows and Mac based PCs?


Recover My SD cardHave you unintentionally formatted or deleted your data from SD card? Or Card got corrupted due to virus or malware then don’t worry as you can use Recover My SD card software to retrieve all the data which are lost for the various reason. This application scans entire SD card without affecting other files present in it. It comes with the interactive graphical user interface, where you can recover all the data within few steps effortlessly.

Guidance to retrieve lost data from SD card:

After downloading Recover My SD card Tool, install and launch it on your computer. Use a card reader to connect SD card to your computer. After connection of SD card, it will display all logical drives on the home screen. After selecting SD card you can click on “Next” option, once it finishes the scanning process of SD card and displays all the retrieve data. Click on “Preview” to view contents. To save the data on SD card you need to purchase the software.

Attributes of Recover My SD card Software:

1. Software supports almost all the memory cards such as MicroSD, SDHC, CF card, Memory Stick, SD card etc.

2. My SD card Tool supports different file format based on the memory card such as NTFS, FAT (16, 32), ExFAT, HSF, HSF+, and so on.

3. Using Recover My SD card software, you can retrieve a document, pictures, media files (music, movie, gifs) and many more.
4. An application is supported on a different operating system (Windows, Mac).

5. Recover files can be sorted.

6. It can support different SD card made by a various company. Ex: Sony, Samsung, Transcend, SanDisk, Kingston etc.

Common Reasons behind SD Card Corruption:

Inappropriate Handling: The SD card should be handled properly or else there are chances of card getting corrupted. For example: if you eject SD card suddenly during transfer of data then there are chances of card getting corrupted.

Virus or Trojan Attack: Virus-like Trojan, Spyware, Malware, etc. are the most common reason behind SD card corruption. Generally, the virus comes into with SD card through data transfer and effects all stored files or even it may cause to damage SD card.

Other Reasons: abruptly removing the card without switching off the system, multiple gadgets are using the same memory card, trying to click photos when SD card is full, etc.

Risk Behind formatting: Formatting the SD card with different file system again and again may slower the card transfer rate between devices and there are chances of erasing data from the region of physical memory of SD card.

1. Avoid abruptly removing SD card from various devices.
2. Don’t use same SD card on various gadgets.
3. After formatted SD card or deletion of data from card don’t try to overwrite, as there will be fewer chances of recovering data.

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