How to Recover Deleted Contact from Outlook 2016


Contacts play a very vital role in our lives may it be personal or business. We are humans and are bound to make mistakes. Worried about the deleted contact from your Outlook? Here’s a solution to your worries.
Microsoft Outlook is a stand-alone personal information manager which comes as a part of the Microsoft office suite. It is generally used for email application .It also includes contact manager, web browsing ,journal writing, task manager ,calendar etc .There are various versions of Outlook ,out of which Outlook 2016 is the latest version of the software .The advanced version features designing by groups, searching clouds, attaching the link to the cloud resource etc.

About Software:

There are many ways by which you can recover your contacts from Outlook. The software that allows you to recover your files easily is the Repair Outlook (Personal Storage Table).With its unique features being, it keeps the original corrupted file intact and rather creates an healthy image of the file for the user.
The software allows the user to recover emails, calendar, contacts ,etc from Outlook by incorporating a non-destructive mechanism which keeps your original corrupted file as it is .it recovers emails from the “Deleted items folder” including all its attributes.

Reasons for contact loss in Outlook :

PST(Personal Storage Table) is a table of contents which is used for message archiving and to bypass the Recycle bin. This file format is only used for MS Outlook which has many drawbacks :
i. They are not backed up.
ii. Sharing PST among multiple users who access the particular website at the time can cause the            data to get corrupted/ damaged.
iii. Increases the cost of business
iv. They are not secure and get corrupted easily.

Virus and malware inflicts the files and get them corrupted thus leading to many actions be incurred on the user side leading to corrupt/damaged files.
Unintentional shutdown of the system when transfer is in-transit renders the file to be corrupt. Unintentionally deleting the contacts from Outlook. Abruptly ejecting the transfer device during the transfer process. Formatting the disk without backup can also delete the contacts.
Installation/reinstallation or upgrading Outlook using malicious third-party utilities can also corrupt the file.


1. It is compatible with the various versions of windows including the latest Windows 10. It can recover damaged PST’s created on various versions of Microsoft Outlook and even Outlook 2016.
2. The recovered file has PST’s which are between versions 2003-2013 which can be easily imported.
3. Solves the issue related to over-sized PST’s. The password protected files and compressed files which have been corrupted can also be recovered.
4. It can recover emails, contacts, calendar, folders, notes and many other things to make our work easier.

Don’t’s !

1. The user should always backup data as bypassing the problem of PST’s is very difficult.
2. The unwanted Outlook items should be checked and deleted regularly to avoid corrupted files.
3. Large sized emails and attachments should be treated accordingly..
4. Proper handling of the device lasts long and has less chance of corrupt files.
5. Using proper antivirus and scanning them regularly prevents the virus and malwares to damage the data. Using trusted and authorized websites should be used.

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