How to Recover Deleted Photos from Any Drives

“I have a pen drive from which I want to recover a folder that had some of my party photos. I want to recover back these photos in its original form so is there some easy way to do this?”

Photos are one of the most widely used file types on SD cards, pen drives and other major drives. Photos are more or less saved on a SD card which is hooked on to a smartphone or a camera. These photos can be of any size and at the same time they are also among the file types which easily get corrupted and lost from the drives on which they are saved.

Most of the time a user carries a backup for all the photos that he has on his drives but however, a few other users might never carry a backup for the photos that they have on their SD cards or any other storage device. During such instances, the chances of losing photos from your drive are more. However, if the photos are deleted accidentally from a computer then you can restore them back from the recycle bin folder but this may not be the case if the photo was deleted permanently from your computer.

When you end up deleting photos permanently from your drive, then there is still hope of recovering photos from your drive even if you have no backup for the deleted photos. this is made possible by employing a photo recovery software on your computer and running the same on the drive from which the photo was deleted from.

To know more about how you can perform a photo recovery from any drive, watch this tutorial on how to recover deleted photos.

Using the above software it is just a few mouse clicks which is required to recover deleted photos from any of your drive regardless of what size or type the photo was. To recover photos, you need a certified photo recovery application like the one used above because it comes with a feature that recognizes almost every file type in the photos category. This makes sure that all the deleted photos regardless of its type will be easily recovered back from your drive.

The most important thing to be considered after deleting or losing photos from your drive is to stop using the drive. This is done to protect the deleted photos in the memory where it will still reside even after it was deleted. When you continue to use the drive, new data might overwrite the deleted photos in the memory which permanently removes the deleted photos and can never be recovered after new data overwrites it. However, when the drive is not used then no data is written to its memory and it is certain that you can recover the data back in its full originality by making use of a photo recovery software.

Features of this software to retrieve deleted photos :

  • The user friendly interface offered by this software lets you recover deleted photos with lesser mouse clicks.
  • You can retrieve deleted photos from any drive and save the same on your computer or to any other drive that is connected to your computer.
  • This software identifies and retrieves all types of RAW images as well.
  • You can retrieve deleted or lost photos from SD cards.
  • The photos are retrieved in its original size and are never changed or damaged during the recovery.

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