How to Repair MS Outlook PST File

PST file is a repository on the local hard drive for MS Outlook application, which holds all the data related to your profile such as email messages, appointments, calendar events, and other Outlook elements. The entire data which a user stores in his Outlook account is saved in a single .pst file.

At times, when the .pst file gets corrupt, the data saved in it becomes inaccessible resulting in an unusual delay in workflow, it may also lead to data loss. In this situation, you may ask yourself a question if it is possible to fix corrupted PST file? The answer is yes, you can repair it. Before performing repair process, let us see some most common reasons that lead to.pst corruption.

File size limitation: As we know that the size of the .pst file is limited, if the data saved in it exceeds in size, then the .pst file start gets corrupt.

Improper termination of Outlook or computer: While accessing your .pst file, if Outlook hangs up or if your system shutdown improperly due to a power surge or other reason, then the .pst file may get corrupt.

Interruption between Processes: PST file may get corrupted if any interruption occurs during sending or receiving the email process or other. It will lead to corruption of PST file.

In spite of the reason, at any time if you came across .pst file corruption issue, use a good PST repair tool to fix it and recover the data saved in your Outlook profile.

You can try scanpst.exe to fix the corrupted .pst file, sometimes you may not get the desired result due to the limitations in the functioning of scanpst.exe. At this moment, you can try to use some third party .pst recovery software which helps you to repair your .pst file. Repair Outlook PST applications can scan the entire corrupted .pst file, extract data from it and create a new copy of it. The original .pst file remains unchanged even after repair process, as they treat it as read-only, which ensures that how secure these tools are. A user can later replace the old corrupted .pst file with the new one, which gives you all the data saved in your previous .pst file. Repair Outlook PST tools are highly user-friendly so that even a new user can repair his corrupted file without facing any difficulties.

Recently I heard about Repair Outlook PST utility, it is an efficient application to recover the data saved in your .pst file, even if it is highly corrupted. Anyhow before using any third party tool to repair your .pst file, try and evaluate it once according to your requirements using its demo version. Sometimes, a wrong tool may lead to data loss, even beyond recovery, which creates a bigger problem.

As its better to prevent than looking out for a cure, therefore it is advised to have a regular backup of Outlook data. It comes handy when you face .pst file corruption. So try to keep a backup of your .pst file from next time onwards without fail. If you are searching the solution for fixing PST file that has been corrupted due to incomplete archive, then follow this link.

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