How to Use a File Recovery Software?

Is there any tool that could recover my deleted data due to reinstalling the OS.I am using a windows 7 operating system .Be it possible to recover all my actual datas without any difficulties?

I want file recovery software that has to recover data from my partitioned external hard drive and also it should be restore the data in an agile manner?

My external fire wire drive is full of bad sectors, viruses and some botnets .I need a good recovery tool that is well enough to skip the virus files and recover the deleted data from the drive. Is it possible if so by what means?

At first, It need to be explained why need of a data recovery software or a file recovery software .Whenever a data is deleted or formatted or deleted due to portioning the volume will obviously delete the pointer memory that points to the actual data and still the data exists in some part of the storage area .At any time a deleted data is needed there the need for a data recovery tool arise .Actually the data recovery tool does not bring back the data alive from the dead instead it collects the available information of the deleted data ant rebuild the linkage between the pointer and the actual data memory .This will be possible only if the storage drive is not defragmented also there should not be any physical damage to the hard drives i.e. corrupted header and that. Advanced data recovery differ from normal data recovery based on the user needs example if a user needs to recover datas from a shift delete scenario then it requires a normal data recovery

If the user requires a data which is deleted due to reinstallation of OS or formatted hard drive or data from a repartitioned then it comes under the advanced data recovery option because it’s not an easy task to rebuild the linkage between the Index pointer and the actual data memory in the above situations. Since it is highly recommended to choose the recovery tool wisely that it should be good enough to handle those scenarios and it also must recover the datas in quick and efficient manner .An eminent tool with that capability is explained low.

Bad sectors and viruses

In today’s world bad sector and viruses have become big problems to the technocrats. To delete those unwanted threats and recovering the essential data is not a common state .so a good recovery tool will be better to recover the data from the infected storage device Here is one tool that could recover datas efficiently by skipping or leaving behind the potential threats and most of all it doesn’t damage the available data in the memory at any cost. One of the tools with such capacity is specified below.

The suitable supports that hold the tool to its lead are.

  • Ø Mainly extremely powerful scanning algorithm to scan and locate deleted / lost data easily
  • Ø Will give good support to recovery of media files like audios, images  and video files from various storage devices which Helps to recover data from professional digital camera, iPod, memory card, hard disk, FireWire drives, USB drives and many more
  • Ø Help the user to save the recovered data in a compressed format
  • Ø Available preview option in this is much helpful to differentiate the virus files from the actual files
  • Ø Gains data on Mac and Windows operating system with separate available installation
  • Ø This recovery tool alone is highly enough to recover datas from almost all kind of internal and external storage devices


In favor of download and installation go for the inbuilt instructions and follow the steps provided and do not use this tool to recover files from a HFS file system because it supports defragmentation in common.

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