How To Use OS X El Capitan’s Split Screen Mode?

Windows users have the ability to lock two windows into a Split screen mode. This feature was developed by Windows Company many years ago. Whereas this feature in not supported in Mac systems. Now Mac users can also enjoy this feature because Mac introduced an OS called OS X EI caption. This OS has the ability to lock two windows into a Split screen mode. This compatible application will zoom to take up the entire half of the screen giving two applications side by side in a full screen mode.The basics of Split type view quite simple but to make use of this software more effectively you have to habituate with this feature. To activate the Split View in your Mac system, you have to follow some few steps. Like

  • First click and hold on the green expand button which is located in the upper left corner of a compatible app’s window.
  • Now while holding down the button, one side of the computer screen will be shaded in blue color. Now release the holder button and the app will be automatically formatted to fit half of the screen.
  • At the same time, if any other compatible apps are opened that will be shifted to the opposite half of the screen. In case if any apps that are not compatible will shrink down directly to the lower right corner of the screen. If the user try to access those app’s they will pop up with a notification like app isn’t available in Split View mode.

How can you tell which apps are compatible with Split Screen and which aren’t?

Now let us discuss about the apps which are compatible and which aren’t. The green button which is located in the upper corner of every app window is the indicator. If the app is compatible then you will see two opposing arrows on the screen. If the app is not compatible then you will see a plus (+) symbol instead of opposing arrows. If the Split View doesn’t works you have to enable it in the system preferences. No to enable click on the Apple icon which is located in the upper left corner of the screen and there you can select the System Preferences. Now click on the Mission Control and then select “Displays have separate spaces”. Now to update the changes you have to restart your system.

You can also enable the Split View using Mission Control. Consider when one app is in full screen you can activate the Mission Control by pressing F3 button on MacBook keyboard. When all the apps are appeared on the screen, select the app which you want to add to Split View and drag it to the multitasking tray at the top of the screen. It also works for replacing one app with another app. Split View doesn’t mean that you have to maintain two apps taking 50% of the screen. You can adjust the width by dragging the vertical lines, and you can swap the apps. If you prefer to work on the left side of the screen then open the safari at the right side of the screen. To find the menu bar for each and every app while it is in Split View, select a slide and move the pointer over the top of the screen. Then the menu bar will drop down. If you are already in Split View, then press the green button. The app which is closed now will be reduced to its previous size, and the size of the next app will be increased.

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