Learn How to Restore Memory Card Data

“Hi, a few days back I went trip with my college friends, we enjoyed a lot and at the same time, I have captured each one of those happy moments by using my high-resolution digital camera which has 16GB of a memory card in it. Today morning while previewing images from my camera I have accidentally removed a memory card from it and after a while has inserted SD card into the camera but I was shocked..!! Because I have lost all valuable pictures along with other most important data from memory card. Later, feeling frustrated for the mishap. So can anybody recommend me how to restore memory card data?” sd-recovery

After searching in many blogs, websites, forums, etc., I have to find Restore Memory Card software. It is designed with powerful scanning technique so that it scans entire memory card just in few minutes and restores all erased or deleted data from memory card. It can recover deleted or lost data from various manufacturing brands of SD card are SanDisk, PNY, Transcend, Kingston, Maxtor, Lexar, LaCie, HP, Samsung, and many other popular brands. This highly ranked utility is totally free from malicious threats and can easily regain various lost files like videos, PPT files, images, audios, text files, movie files and so on. This recovery application restores all the data that are lost or deleted due to third party utility, formatting/reformatting, malware infection, operating system crash, memory card corrupt, accidental format, etc.

Let us discuss data loss issues from memory card:

Abrupt Ejection of Card: At times, the sudden removal of memory card plays a vital role in formatting SD card. If you won’t follow proper procedure while ejecting memory card then whenever you reinsert it again it encounters with format error message. This results in erase of valuable data from memory card.

Accidental Format: While previewing files or images from memory card when it is connected to system suppose if you unintentionally format by select memory card instead of some other drive/volume on the computer. This leads to loss of entire data from SD card.

 File system Corruption: Most of the times user may format SD card because of memory card corruption. This happens due to virus/ malware program or using the same card with multiple devices, or file system damage. Because of this whenever you try to access the memory card you will face message like “Memory card error”.

Highlights of Restore Memory Card software:

  • This software is available for free, so download it right now and start recovering lost or deleted files from memory card.
  • It provides you to restore deleted data easily on different files system namely HFS+, FAT16, ExtFAT, NTFS5, FAT32, HFSX and NTFS volumes.
  • This recovery tool is compatible on many versions of Macintosh and Windows operating system that includes High Sierra, El capitan, Windows 10, Snow Leopard, Windows XP, Mavericks, Lion, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mountain Lion, Yosemite, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2008.
  • You can view the restored files and folders by using “Preview” option prior restoring them on any secondary data storage.
  • Along with memory card this utility helps you to regain lost data from USB hard drive, pen drives, smartphones, iPods, digital cameras, FireWire drive, camcorders, and many other removable data storage media.
  • It contains user-friendly options so that non-technical computer users can also undelete erased or missing data from memory card.
  • Compress the retrieved files by using ZIP/RAR archives to reduce disk memory space.

Mandatory Steps to follow:

  • Always keep the backup of essential data before performing format operation.
  • Scan the drive as soon as you connect any external devices to your PC.
  • Eject memory card by using “Safely Remove Hardware” method.
  • Install anti-virus software in your system.



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