Need to know how to retrieve lost files from storage device?

Have you ever lost a few of your confidential files from the Seagate external hard drive due to formatting the hard drive by mistake when connected to the computer? Now want to restore the lost files back? If that’s the case try lost file recovery software that can restore files which are lost as a result of formatting the external drive accidentally or intentionally just in couple of minutes. This software can effectively perform data recovery on both Mac and Windows based systems. This software is very user friendly and can be utilized by the people without any technical knowledge of computer.

Now-a-days everyone wants to be updated with upcoming different technologies. Files play an essential role in day to day life of common people. Files contain digital information such as wedding pictures, funny videos, favorite singer’s music collection, educational documents and many more types of files. Losing data stored on various data storage devices has become common these days. Causes of loss of data may be different however it leads to huge loss of important data. Besides losing data because of formatting the drive, there are several other situations in which you may lose your valuable data.

Factors responsible for data loss:

  • Abruptly removing data cable while transferring file between computer and external hard drive.
  • Corruption of file system because of virus infection.
  • Sudden power failure when file synchronization process is still going on.
  • Improperly exiting the PC without using proper shutdown option.
  • Generation of errors during transfer process leads to data loss.
  • Files get deleted by making use of antivirus scanning program.
  • Deletion of data using Windows “Shift+delete” option or Mac “Command+Delete” option cause permanent data loss.
  • Sudden system shutdown during defragmentation process leads to loss of data.

Prevention steps that must be followed:

  • Do not remove data cable during file transfer process.
  • Use strong power source to avoid improper termination of system.
  • Create proper backup of all the confidential files.
  • Antivirus program used in the system must be updated regularly in order to avoid virus attack.
  • Eject data storage device by using safely remove hardware option.

These were a few of the prevention steps which will help you out to avoid data loss problems to some extent. However there are situations in which even after following all these precautionary steps still you may lose your important files. The only option left is use file recovery tools which are highly recommended by the skilled professionals to restore lost files. This file recovery software enables you to preview the list of restored files and save the recovery. By making use of this software you can also recover files from the hard drive having bad sectors by creating disk images. This tool can recover files from various data storage devices for example USB drives, flash memory cards, digital cameras, external hard drives etc. just in few mouse clicks.

First evaluate the demo version of the lost file recovery tool and do the installation on the hard drive of your PC. Just double click on the desktop icon to launch the file recovery software and select appropriate recovery options that you come across while utilizing the software. Once the file recovery process is over you can check the performance of the software and if you fully agree with the recovery results you can get its full version available in the market.


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