Recover Deleted or Lost Files from Silicon Power SD Card

Silicon Power is a Taiwan based manufacturer of various electronic storage devices including flash memory cards, USB drives, portable hard drives, SSDs, etc. Their flash memory cards especially SD cards, are well known for its high durability and extreme performance. Silicon Power SD cards are optimized for different multimedia devices such as smartphones, digital cameras, etc. to store photos, video clips, music files and much more.

However due to some undesirable reasons, files stored in a Silicon Power SD card may get disappeared. Suppose you have a Silicon Power SD card on your digital camera as its main storage medium. You deleted some photos from your camera unintentionally. But after some time you realized that the photos which got deleted was so important. What will you do then? Don’t you want to recover file from Silicon Power SD card which is either deleted or lost?

In this article, you can find the best way for Silicon Power SD card recovery. Recover SD card tool is a master class software designed for recovering almost all popular file types deleted/ missing from a Silicon Power SD card. This software is applicable for recovering data from not just SD cards. It supports all major types of flash memory cards such as xD, MMC, CF, etc. The powerful recovery mechanism of this software identifies various file types based on their unique signatures and recovers those file types efficiently. This software can be used for Silicon Power SD recovery for various digital cameras of manufacturers such as Sony, Nikon, Fujifilm, etc.

Various Causes behind File Loss or deletion from Silicon Power SD

  • Abrupt Removal of SD Cards: If you accidentally or intentionally eject Silicon Power SD card from the card slot of your computer while transferring files, may result in the loss of data.
  • Virus Attack: Suppose you have connected your Silicon Power SD with your computer. If your system doesn’t have an updated anti-virus software, your SD card may get infected by viruses. This infection can eventually lead into file system damage of SD card thus all data in SD card become inaccessible.
  • Accidental formatting: Sometimes, you may want to format a drive in your computer which contain a high amount of junk data. Instead of selecting the right drive you just selected and formatted Silicon Power SD card connected to your computer.

Steps to Restore Files from Silicon Power SD Card

  • Download and install Recover SD card software on your desktop or laptop computer. You require only 50 MB on your hard drive for installation of this software. You can either use Windows or Mac version depending on what operating system you are using.
  • Launch the Recover SD card software. In application home screen, you can able see three options namely ‘Recover Files’, ‘Recover Drives’ and ‘Recover Photos’. You have to select the third option i.e. ‘Recover Photos’.
  • ‘Recover Photos’ is intended for recovering all popular media types such as images, audios, videos, etc. In the next screen you will find two more options i.e. ‘Recover deleted Phots’ and ‘Recover Lost Photos’. Depending on the scenario on which your file got disappeared, you have to select the appropriate option. If it is just a file deletion, then go for first option i.e.  ‘Recover Deleted Files’.
  • A new screen will appear now. Here you can view all connected drives and devices to your computer. Select your Silicon Power SD memory card from the drive’s list. Now click on the forward arrow at bottom right corner of the screen to start scanning for Silicon Power SD card recovery.
  • After completion of the scanning process you can preview the files which can be recovered.

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