Restore Deleted or Lost Partition on Windows Vista

Microsoft Windows Vista is one of the popular version of OS used by many people.  It has many smart features like introducing latest graphic user interface, visual style, Window search, etc. Apart from usual features, Windows Vista was mainly intended for communication between home networks. However, as a Vista users you might have created partition or repartition the hard drive for storing system related files, personal folders, etc. in separate blocks to have an easy access to it.

Even though it has so many plus points to avoid loss of essential data, still there is a chance of losing vital data by deleting the partition mistakenly or because of using third party application. If you come across such kind of instances where you end up with deletion of partition from Windows Vista, then it is suggested to make use of reliable third party tool one like Partitions recovery software. Partitions recovery program is enriched with advanced scanning algorithms that deeply scans the entire drive rigorously to find and recover Windows Vista partition within short span of time.

Moreover, this toolkit can restore data from crashed hard drives, hard drives that do not boot, formatted / reformatted drives and so on. If required, you can also compress the recovered files, to save disk space.

Scenarios which causes lost/deletion of partition from Windows Vista: 

Virus Attack: Infection of virus is a fundamental issue connected with losing the hard drive partitions. When a partition of hard drive gets infected by virus, it becomes inaccessible and ultimately the partition will go missing resulting in data loss.

Booting Problem: You may receive an error message when you start your Vista computer like “Boot Disk Failure” or “Operating System is not found”. The reasons behind the booting problem may be Boot sector virus that would cause corruption in partition ultimately leading to severe loss of stored files. However, with Partitions Recovery tool you can easily resolve this issue and retrieve Windows Vista partition data.

Incorrect Disc Repartitioning: Sometimes a need might arise for multiple partitions, for effective usage of hard drive storage space in Windows Vista system. At some point of time, you may face some obstacles while repartitioning the specified drive like unknowingly removing partition from Windows Vista thereby causing file loss.

If you come across such kind of instances where you end up with deletion of partition from Windows Vista, you can restore that files using partition recovery software without much effort. 

Incredible Features of Partitions Recovery Software:

  • Partition recovery toolkit is a most powerful application designed and developed by some professional experts that help users in restoring deleted and lost hard drive partitions.
  • This recovery software effortlessly performs Windows Vista partition recovery and efficiently recovers data from various types of hard drives for example, IDE, SATA, ATA, and SCSI etc.
  • Using this effective utility, you can restore around 300 sorts of files including pictures, music files, videos, Excel documents, Word files, etc.
  • Along with the hard drives, it can rescue data from various storage devices including FireWire drives, USB drives, memory sticks, external hard disks, memory cards, etc.
  • This application helps in restoration of partitions from different brands of hard drives like Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi, Maxtor, Samsung, etc.
  • In addition to Vista, the tool is compatible to restore partition on Windows 8, Windows 7, XP, etc.
  • By using this tool, you can get back files from RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 5 corrupted partitions.
  • It enables you to view the recovered partition with the aid of preview option before actually recovering lost data.

Precautionary steps:

  • Backup your valuable data of Windows Vista partition in external hard drive.
  • While performing repartitioning or reformatting of the Vista partitions make sure that you are following correct procedure.
  • It is suggested to use only third party tools supported by Windows Vista.
  • Avoid saving/writing anything onto the drive containing lost partitions.

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