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The hard drive is one of mass storage units, in which you can store ant data includes audio, video, pictures, office files etc. Almost all users prefer hard disk to store their important data for a long time and thinking that data will be safe and secure. However, unfortunately somehow data may lose or delete due to various reasons includes virus attacks, accidentally formatting, deleting, reformatting etc. If any user lost their precious data like pictures, which were taken at the best moments, then user worry, a lot and go may panic about it. Similarly, have you ever faced this situation? If yes then don’t worry, still your data is lost permanently from hard disk because when your data is lost due to any reason, those lost or deleted data is not gone permanently from hard disk instead pointer gets dereference and makes that allocated space as free for storing other files. In this situation by employing data recovery software, you can easily get back those data easily unless and until that allocated space is not occupied by other data. Moreover, using this tool, you can easily perform hard drive data recovery on both Windows and Mac OS based machines in just a few steps.

How do your data may get lost from the hard drive?

Accidental deletion: Suppose while accessing data in hard drive, if any user accidentally delete selected file or folder instead of performing other actions then it revert with loss of data. Similarly, emptying recycle bin or deleting files using shift + deletes command, which results in loss of data.

Formatting or reformatting: Disk management tool is one of the dynamic utility, which is used to alter, create, and deleting exiting partitions in the hard disk. Suppose you wish to delete some unwanted partition to install dual OS on a hard drive, then by using this tool you can do it. However, while if you accidentally delete a vital partition which is consists of your office documents, pictures etc, then it will result in loss of data from hard disk. Similarly, while reformatting if you make any mistakes or that process interrupts in the middle or failed to complete that process then it also results in the loss of huge data. So, in such situation you need this tool to recover formatted hard drive data in a couple of minutes.

Virus attacks: Whenever you connect, virus contaminated USB drives, memory card reader or downloading data stuff from the internet in your PC or sharing data though Bluetooth in a laptop, which makes easy to spread virus threats in your hard disk. Once these virus attacks enter into hard disk, it starts corrupting file system and other files stored on hard disk. The hard disk may get fails after severe corruption in the file system and finally you end up with a huge data loss.

Still we can notice many reasons behind loss of data from hard drive, such as rebooting system frequently when Windows screen is not showing, sudden shut down of PC while accessing file or transferring files from one system to USB drive etc. However data may get loss from hard drive, this tool has all capabilities of performing best hard drive recovery irrespective of reasons.

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