The tools needed to recover digital images

Those tools include a powerful software program built expressly for image recovery. In the field of data recovery there are dozens of programs to recover deleted files. Of these half are worthless. Of the remaining 50%, half are too slow. And of the remaining one fourth we have fairly efficient data recovery programs. But even these are not structured specifically as digital photo recovery software. They are designed as catch all programs to recover hundreds of file typed based upon a scan for file extensions on deleted files.

So while these can locate files commonly associated with digital image recovery such as .JPG and .BMP, they are likely to miss the myriad of new file types as well as camera manufacturer files. These files known as RAW files can best be recognized by powerful, targeted photo recovery software. When one wants to recover files saved on a smart card from Nikon camera the photo recovery software must be able to “see” the inherent Nikon file type and capture it for preview and recovery. When one considers all of the major type of high-end digital cameras on the market today it becomes obvious that digital media recovery begins and ends with superior grade software.

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