Windows Data Recovery Tool to Recover Lost or Deleted Files

Windows is the operating system that was introduced by the Microsoft Corporate. There are many versions of the Windows operating system; some of them are Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, etc. Among all Windows 10 is the latest operating system that was released in the last year, with many advanced features. Also, the Windows 10 is updated for free of cost for all the users of previous versions.

windows-data-recoveryIn Windows computer, we store a lot of our important data and information. Even though there are advanced features and the security measures in the Windows OS, there are chances of data getting lost or deleted. Due to some problem, the data available in the Windows system may get lost or deleted. If it happens there is no manual way to recover the lost or deleted data from the Windows system. The only way is to use Win data recovery tool in order to get back the lost or deleted data.

Reasons for loss or deletion of files in Windows:

File system corruption: File system is the standard that is by the operating system in order to track each and every file and retrieve it. If the file system gets corrupted then all the files cannot be retrieved and intern it’s the loss of entire data from the Windows system.

Deletion using Shift + Delete keys: In Windows, if you delete any of the files then it will get stored in the Recycle Bin and if you need you can restore those deleted files. But if you delete any file by using Shift + Delete keys then the deleted file will not get stored in the Recycle Bin and you cannot restore the deleted file.

Virus infection: Virus is the major reason for the loss of data from the Windows system. A virus will enter to your system while transfer data from any virus infected device or downloading files from any virus infected website. Once the virus gets attached to the windows system then there are chances of all the files getting lost.

Other Reasons: Apart from the cited above reasons there are many others that are responsible for the deletion or loss of data from Windows system. Some of them are due to bad sectors, accidental deletion, accidental format, the bypass from the Recycle Bin, etc.

In order to recover the deleted or lost data from the Windows system, you need to opt for Windows Recovery Software, which is reliable and most popularly used all around the world. This software has an easy interface that enables you to understand the options easily and can complete the recovery task in few simple steps.

This Windows data recovery tool is applicable for different versions of Windows operating system like Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 8, etc. This software will enable you to recover the deleted files and you can preview the recovered files for free of cost. Also, there is a technical support team, which can help you if you need any assistance.

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